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The Summer Science Camp at Michigan Tech is being held at the Great Lakes Research Center.

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Session I: Science Explorers (Students entering Gr. 1-3) ~ June 17-19, 2014
    Instructor: Elizabeth Squires, science educator

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Session II: Rockets & Roller Coasters (Students entering Gr. 4-6) ~ June 24-26, 2014
   Instructor: Janel Summers, C.J. Sullivan Elementary 5th grade teacher

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For Students Entering Grades 1-3

Session I: Science Explorers Location: MTU Great Lakes Research Center

Each day will have a special focus: chemistry, physical science, and 
engineering. On the 1st day, we’ll make secret formulas, ooey gooey 
slime, examine mystery powders, and use red cabbage to indicate acidity 
(i.e. vinegar). On the 2nd day, students will enjoy creating their own 
music from their handmade instruments---straw oboes, twang, spoon bell, 
clucking chicken, and a school box guitar. On the 3rd day, students 
will use their creativity to design solutions to a variety of 
age-appropriate engineering challenges---designing a container for 293 
popcorn pieces, a bubble maker, and a roller chute!.

For Students Entering Grades 4-6

Session II: Rockets & Roller Coasters Location: Great Lakes Research 

Students will explore Newton’s laws of motion and how rockets use these 
laws to move when they make rockets galore---water bottle rockets, 
balloon rockets, pop can rockets, and edible meteorites! Students will 
investigate gravity, friction, forces, potential, and kinetic energy as 
they design a roller coaster made of cardboard tubes.


Contact the Center for Science & Environmental Outreach at the Great 
Lakes Research Center at Michigan Technological University by calling 


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Exploring the Great Lakes  Campers will investigate some of the research being conducted at the Great Lakes Research Center, conduct their own experiments, and design water management structures. They will dissect a fish stomach, drive an ROV and do water sampling aboard the Agassiz!

Things That Move—Trains, Planes, Boats & Cars: Students will design planes, boats, and cars; make a traffic safety plan for their classroom and for their neighbor-hood, design a bike helmet, and plan the best way to move freight  across the country.



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