After-school Science for Kids Starts in January on Tech Campus

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after school programAfter-school Science for Kids Starts in January on Tech Campus

School children in grades one through six will be able to take hands-on, after-school science classes at Michigan Tech during January and February.

First through third graders will explore the world of rocks and minerals, make replicas of fossils and crystals, dig for shark's teeth and build mountains to watch the power of erosion wash them away.

Fourth through sixth graders will take a closer look at water and engineering by building a set of working boat locks, modeling the movement of groundwater and finding ways to clean up pollution in the Great Lakes.

Classes will be limited to 15 children each and will be taught by Tech students and staff of the Western UP Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education, based at Michigan Tech.

Classes will be held in the Great Lakes Research Center. Houghton Elementary and Middle School buses will drop registered students off at the GLRC.

A series of eight classes costs $40 per student and includes all supplies. The program includes one make-up class in case of cancellation due to weather.

Preregistration is required. To register, email Michelle Miller, or call 487-3341. Provide the following information: student's name, grade, school, teacher's name, parent or guardian name and contact information, an emergency contact and any special concerns or health considerations.

Update Afterschool Program with Photos 2013



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